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Thanksgiving Toys for Dogs to Gobble Up

Published: Nov. 06, 2010
Subject: Dog Toys for Your Furry Turkey
Category: Pup Perfect Toys & Beyond

Thanksgiving Toys for Dogs to Gobble Up

Thanksgiving Toys for Dogs to Gobble Up

Dogs like Thanksgiving too - what's not to like about a holiday that's all about food! Whether you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner or you'll be a guest in a home with a dog, here's a collection of toys any dog will want to gobble right up! Order them online in time for turkey day or look for them at your favorite pet store.

As always, Woof Report product picks are handpicked and not advertisements.


Turkey Talk


This sweet turkey actually gobbles, which will thrill any dog along with anyone sitting at "the kid's table." Heavy chewers and (cotton) stuffing snackers should likely look but not touch, and choose a durable turkey leg chew toy instead. Coleman Turkey Toy, $7.89

Get a Leg Up


Your guests may get a little nervous when they see your dog gnawing on this giant 'turkey leg,' but you'll love how it entertains your dog, at least until he gets a whiff of the real turkey when it's served. Dogmeat Turkey Leg Toy, $12.

Feast for a Beast


Woof Report has featured this New York Deli turkey in the past, and thankfully, it's still available online. This fun turkey toy even has detachable pieces, perfect for sharing with other dogs! NY Deli Roast Turkey Toy, $18.99

Big Turkey Chew for Big Dogs


This 'turkey leg' is for powerful chewers, the dogs that would tear Mr. Talking Turkey to shreds. Keep the big dogs busy in Thanksgiving-style with this durable Nylabone toy. Nylabone BIG CHEWS for Big Dogs Turkey Leg, $10.76.


Get a Leg Up


Even your dog gets a turkey leg this holiday! Keep his chompers busy with this chicken or sweet potato-wrapped rawhide bone, which looks just like what's on your table. Turkey Leg Rawhide Dog Bone, $3.99 and up.


Lastly, only at Target stores (not online), and selling out fast, there's the Holiday Dinner Plate dog toy - it's adorable and you can check it out at


The Scoop:

Please add any other Thanksgiving-themed toys you find in the comments section below.


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