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Doggie Vet Records, Online Anytime with

Published: Mar. 04, 2009
Subject: Vet Records - Online, Anytime
Category: K9 Care

Doggie Vet Records, Online Anytime with

Doggie Vet Records, Online Anytime with

Remember that pet owner New Year’s resolution you made in January? The one where you vowed to track your pup’s health to help your veterinarian give her even better care? Well, we’ve got a free tool that will make this easier than ever. Check out It’s all your dog’s medical records, all her vaccination history, all online.

Just like Google’s new online health record service for people, PetSummary makes it easy for pet owners, vets and caregivers to access your dog’s important health data, anytime, anywhere. So it’s perfect for unexpected vet visits while your traveling or away from your pup. Even better, PetSummary makes you less dependent on your busy vet’s office to keep you up to date on vaccines, sparing you the cost of redundant tests or shots.

To get started, just create an account, add your pup’s picture and input information about your dog and her medical history along with your contact information, vet and emergency contacts and any other pertinent information. To add your dog’s vaccination records, you or your vet may scan and upload the records or fax them to a toll-free number and PetSummary will upload them at no charge. You can add multiple pets to your account too.

Your information is then available to access or print anytime from any computer, and update easily online when needed. It’s all free, even the handy printable PetSummary Card complete with all the facts your pet sitter, emergency vet or kennel need to know. It’s just one more way you help keep your best friend safe and healthy.


The Scoop: - Free Pet Medical Record Service

PetSummary ID Tag, $15
Keep your dog’s medical records with her wherever she goes with a tag that includes her PetSummary Code linking to her online records.

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