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Signs You Share Your Life With a Dog

Published: Apr. 13, 2011
Subject: Dog Devotion Decoded
Category: Dog People's Choice

Signs You Share Your Life With a Dog

Signs You Share Your Life With a Dog

We all know it – if you share your life with a dog, you have a special connection with your fur family member, and people without pets may not fully comprehend it.


On the other hand, our doggie devotion seems perfectly normal to other dog owners, and it’s probably why we instantly relate to one another when we meet for the first time (and share photos of our dogs taken on our cell phone cameras).


This shared doggie insider knowledge is clearly apparent in a fabulous and recent blog post, “Signs you may be living with dogs,” from Peter Chianca on his blog, The Longest Tail. What started as a single list of signs any dog devotee would recognize has grown exponentially with reader submitted additions, and it’s a must-read for any dog lover.


Below are Woof’s favorites from Peter’s initial list and top picks from his readers' additions. Since it was hard to choose just some to share here, do visit the link to The Longest Tail blog below, and feel free to add your own ‘signs’ there or in Comments section below. Many thanks to Peter Chianca for permission to share these fun lists with you!


You May Be Living With Dogs If:

  • There’s nose art on all the windows.

  • You add a paw to all of the cards you send to family and friends.

  • You have a huge collection of tennis balls, but there are no rackets to be found anywhere.

  • It sounds like Harpo Marx is in your living room.

  • There’s lots of snoring in your bed and it isn’t your fiancé.

  • You are always greeted warmly at the front door by someone who missed you terribly, is ridiculously excited that you are home and is COMPLETELY starving.

  • You’re walking around with dog food in your coat pocket.

  • You’re walking around with plastic bags in your other coat pocket.

  • You often wear a fur coat and yet have never purchased one.

  • Stuffed animals living in your house have extremely short life expectancies.

  • At Christmastime, there are stockings for “Santa Paws” to fill.

  • You know the names of all the dogs in the neighborhood, but not the owners’ names.

  • Leashes and collars are considered “fashion accessories.”

  • You always feel like you are the greatest, most wonderful person in the entire world.

And more favorites from the many submitted by the blog's creative and dog-devoted readers:
  • You call your kids by your dog’s name and they respond.

  • You have bones lying around every room in your house.

  • You know exactly how to clean up shoes that have stepped in poop.

  • Somebody in your family is getting more hugs and kisses than you are.

  • There are dog beds in every room.

  • You spell out words like beach and car.

  • You are never alone when sitting in a chair or on the couch.

  • No crumbs or other food bits last long on the kitchen floor.

  • There are more pictures of your dogs around the house than any other photographs.

  • You are loved unconditionally and completely.

The Scoop:

Many thanks to Peter Chianca for permission to share the lists. Read many more 'signs' at his blog, The Longest Tail, and follow him on Twitter at @longest_tail.


Thank you to adorable Woof Report Friend Dotty for the photo.

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0 #2 2011-04-18 16:09
there are toys all over the house and yard, but the children living in the home have been gone and grown for years

there are more cookie jars on the counter then fruit bowls
0 #1 2011-04-14 07:00
You can see her standing upon a chair looking out the window for me when I come home.

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